Vilka var egentligen vikingarna?

500 f.Kr. - 1066
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Re: Vilka var egentligen vikingarna?

Inlägg av Visi » 25 oktober 2020, 09:05

Artikeln använder sig av fyra vikingaassocierade populationer:
"North Atlantic"
"Danish like"
"Swedish like"
"Norwegian like"

Enligt artikeln:
Within Scandinavia, most present-day populations resemble
their Viking Age counterparts. The exception is Swedish-like ancestry,
which is present at only 15–30% within Sweden today: one cluster
from Sweden is closer to ancient Finnish populations, and a second is
more closely related to Danish and Norwegian populations. Danish-like
ancestry is now high across the whole region.
Enligt samma artikel:
Within the British Isles, it is difficult
to assess how much of the Danish-like ancestry is due to pre-existing
Anglo-Saxon ancestry, but the Viking Age contribution does not exceed
6% in England
Present-day Norwegian individuals vary between 12 and 25%
in North-Atlantic-like ancestry; this ancestry is more uniformly 10%
in Sweden.
Så den siffra du hänvisar till har nog endast med "'North-Atlantic' ancestry" att göra.

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Re: Vilka var egentligen vikingarna?

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Aha. Tack för klargörande .

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